Name: Surya Putri Saini

Profile: Students


Phone: 081239068428


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About me

Hello! I am Surya Putri Saini, 16 years old, a student at MAN Ende. I really enjoy meal times and have a desire to gain weight. I believe that maintaining a healthy diet is the key to achieving my health and fitness goals. Apart from that, I am also active in school activities which give me the opportunity to continue to develop and learn.

I am Surya Putri Saini, the fourth of six children. I have big dreams to pursue success like my brothers. They are role models for me and motivate me to continue to strive hard to achieve my goals. I believe that with hard work and strong determination, I can make this dream come true.

living in a hostel at the moment and feel very lucky to have such understanding friends. With them, we always support each other and go through various ups and downs together. Our relationship is very close and full of affection. I really appreciate this togetherness because they have not only become friends, but also family for me in a place far from home.